What People Are Saying

” ‘The Road of Life’ is an extraordinary work about the ultimate triumph over man’s inhumanity to man.” — Joan Rogers

“We would go any number of miles to be in on the earliest version of this AMAZING musical drama!! Imagine! Leningrad is being starved to death by Nazis & the poetess-broadcaster offers the people cause to LIVE ON!! Romance, jealousy, and battles enthrall.  Loved the first and earliest, chilling. dramatic take-off, poetry, songs, and true historic ambience!! It’s not to be missed! Go, go, go!” — Drs. David & Heidi Spencer

“The quality of the Chimsky/ Jacques score signals that “The Road of Life” is headed for Broadway.” —Richard M. Morse, author Broadway’s Unsung: The Musicals That Never Were (of which Road won’t be one!)

“Wow — I just loved everything about the evening. It was so moving to feel the play and it was like I saw it on stage through my imagination.  The music is beautiful and so fitting to the acts. “Mercy” just moved me more than I can say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be part of this very special evening.” — Michael Adams

“Don’t miss it, folks–such an exciting venture to witness in its infancy!”
— Kathy Kigin

“I was fortunate to be one of the people invited to preview this musical a few months ago. IT IS AMAZING!!! The story is enchanting, the lyrics are magical, and the music is divine. GO! You’ll be able to brag that you saw the beginning of this play before it’s a smash on Broadway.” — Cathryn Falwell

“Thank you for sharing this with us.  It was a privilege to be part of the process.  I really liked the story line and the songs.  My favorite songs were:  ‘Tell it All,’ ‘Where Are the Words?,’ ‘Ashes and Snow,’ ‘How Can You Resist?,‘  and  the love song the German soldier sings., ‘Could You Love Me?’  I like the universal message of many of the songs – and the fact that they could stand alone outside the musical.” — Leslie McConnell

“The poetry in the songs was beautiful, and some of these songs could be award winning… It was interesting to have the scenes described, and to imagine what the stage will look like. Then to have opportunities to give feedback and discuss ideas that might improve it! Keep an eye out for this new musical in the future…”— Jane Prairie

“It was great!” — Erica L. Bartlett

“I am proud of you Mark and Jay. Well done!” — John Paynter

“There is “Only this moment,” so enjoy it because it will not be the same tomorrow. Be where you are today on this journey that is so exciting. Recognize all of your amazing hard work so far and have gratitude for the magic gifts you are discovering inside of yourself to be able to write such powerful, sweeping words that come alive with music. These words that you write “Ripple in the water,” and “Glisten in the sun.” To be able to see where changes can and need to happen is a great strength. You have such courage to be so transparent in your artistic process. Thanks for letting us watch and be part of the process.” — Robert SanGiovanni

“What you have already done has wonderful spiritual feeling. Please trust that it is there and maintain it in the whole, even as you worry individual syllables and notes.” — Rick Kimball

“We loved it. People doing extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances, trying to help one another, a love triangle, perseverance, compassion, hope, loss, and new beginnings. What’s not to love? Bravo!”
— Jay Marston & Amy King

“A lucky group of friends heard the very first version of what will be a GIGANTIC Broadway musical one day. It’s a gorgeous project and we know it will be wonderfully successful!”  — Lynne & Tim Martin

“What a privilege to get an advance peek at this outstanding, intelligent, and masterful musical drama. The story unfolds passionately with a beautiful music score, and the lyrics are pure poetry. This is a work of art destined for Broadway. Not to be missed.” —Joanna Laufer & Ken Schreiber

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